Performance Documentation

O.K. Video works with many schools, theater groups, and dance companies throughout Delaware and surrounding areas to document over 120 performances each year!

With so many shows each year, it's impossible to choose favorites, but here are a few entertaining clips from performances by The Savoy Company, The Ardensingers, Delaware Arts Conservatory, Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance, Concert Operetta Theater, and others.

The O.K. Video Advantage

  • Online order services and order fulfillment are provided making it easy for schools, dance and theater organizations to document their productions for the personal use of performers and crew; many times at no cost to the school or organization.
  • Some of the organizations we currently work with are Concert Operetta Theater (Philadelphia), the Wilmington Children's Chorus, Rose Valley Chorus and Orchestra, the Anna Marie Dance Studio, the Delaware Dance Company, dance studios large and small, community theater groups, and many private and public schools.

Our schedule fills up fast, so book your show today!

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