Wilmington Children’s Chorus "2023 Spring Concerts," Friday & Saturday, May 5 & 6, 2023

New product

NOTE: Both Friday and Saturday shows will be recorded. The edited video will include the best performance of each piece as determined by WCC directors. DVDs and high-definition MP4 files on USB Flash Drives (+$5) are available.

Order deadline for free delivery to Wilmington Children’s Chorus at $30 DVD/$35 MP4 on Flash Drive: Tuesday, May 30.

Choristers will be notified by WCC when the orders are ready and available pick-up times.

Orders placed May 31 and thereafter will increase to $42 DVD/$47 MP4 on Flash Drive, including postage and handling charges for direct mail to homes within 2 weeks of purchase. No late orders will be delivered through WCC.


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